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My name is Hannelore Vandenbussche. I was born in Chile, grew up in Belgium and moved to the Netherlands eleven years ago where I've lived ever since. After finalizing a bachelor degree in Communication Sciences, I studied photography in Amsterdam. My first assignment was a three year adventure around the world to find the last indigenous tribes and capture them on camera. I had the pleasure to do this with photographer Jimmy Nelson and cameraman Bram Vis.
Despite heavy setbacks such as extreme temperatures, physical hardship and unpredictable travel and living conditions, we were able to get into contact with some of the most unique cultures in the world. The outcomes of this unforgettable expedition are now bundled in the worldwide bestseller 'Before they pass away'.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but it doesn't always tell the complete story. That is why I documented my own experiences of this fascinating exploration of remarkable people and countries into a tell-all book 'before they pass away - the story behind the photographs'. The book includes stories of friendship, sheer wonder and difficulties along the way. It is a story into which I put my heart and soul, written in a sweeping style that best represents my personality – honest and direct. My book is now available in Dutch and Belgian book stores. You can also order the book directly by sending me an email request in the option below.

Even though I love to tell and write stories, photography is my favourite means of communication. As a photographer and author, I want to explore this fascinating planet even more. Although I prefer to work in distant places, I recently began (re)discovering my own environment in Belgium. I will be making a journey through the country I grew up in and capture some unique parts of the Belgian cultural heritage.

Please feel free to contact me for any commercial assignments, personal portraits or documented accounts.

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