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Hannelore Vandenbussche was born in Chile, grew up in Belgium and moved to the Netherlands eleven years ago. After studying communications she followed her heart and decided to study photography in Amsterdam.

Her first assignment was a three year adventure around the world as assistant to Jimmy Nelson to find the last indigenous tribes and capture them on camera. Despite heavy setbacks such as extreme temperatures, physical hardship and unpredictable travel and living conditions, they were able to get in contact with some of the most unique cultures in the world. This unforgettable expedition is bundled in the worldwide bestseller 'Before they pass away'.

The outcome for Hannelore of this expedition with Jimmy Nelson and cameraman Bram Vis are bundled in her first publication 'Before they pass away - the story behind the photographs', of which over 10.000 copies have sold. In this tell-all book she documented her own experiences during their travels and the stories of friendship, wonder and difficulties along the way.

Currently she is working on her biggest adventure so far. A photography and documentary series about sport, culture and tradition. Based on her belief that play is an essential condition for culture, this international series will portray the ways humans use sport today as a tool of empowerment and as a form to express their culture. This extensive project will be developed in coming years.

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